fresh from local farms

healthy ingredients - healthy cooking

Our head chef insists that every dish should be fresh and be prepared à la minute

We live in Austria and love our Austrian cuisine. That’s how we selected our food variations.


Fresh fish from our local rivers and lakes, meat from Austria – mostly from the farmers nearby guarantee the compliance to our healthy nutrition concept. Homemade bacon, local deer – we use only the best ingredients to prepare the meals.

We spend a lot of time in nature. Accordingly we want our dishes to be fresh and wholesome, just like the region.

Alpin Juwel´s restaurants feature our famous homemade mushroom raviolis, herb sauces using herbs from our own garden, chanterelle with spätzles and other fine delicacies.

We are not only a Wellness Hotel – your well-being is our main goal – healthy food is part of a relaxing holiday. Your time here at the hotel will keep you feeling good even long after your departure.