There is plenty of opportunity and space for romance.....

Romantic Suites at the Wellness Hotel Alpin Juwel

Our romantic hotel is the perfect hotel for people in love. A first class service, special suites and much more. Let the images from the cozy room, cozy suite or tower suite - featuring a four-poster bed and whirlpool or a big soft cuddle up bed and panorama bathtub in the new Cozy Room "Juwel" amaze you.

The romantic suite "Juwel" has its own sauna, panoramic twin tub, rain shower, panoramic loggia and much more for an unforgettable time together at our Hotel Alpin Juwel - pure romance in the most beautiful surroundings with a very special touch.

Our Romantic Suites:

  • Cozy Room Rubin
  • Romantic Suite Rubin
  • Cozy Room Kristall
  • Romantic Suite Kristall